Scotland…barely in one piece

Somewhere on Lancaster Campus Located in the United Kingdom I found myself situated on a suitcase loaded full of bike gear waiting for my much-anticipated car ride to appear. I would be traveling with the University club for a weekend getaway to Scotland. A typical collegiate cycling trip in the United States was usually overrun by a horde of guys or in this case “boys” sorry Lancaster peeps if your reading this…if your 21 and under your classified as boys”.

My first mountain biking trip from the University to Scotland was nothing far from the usual. I see a car roll around the corner loaded to the brim with mountain bikes and camping gear.

Yes, that’s my ticket a typical collegiate getaway is never complete without a cozy fitting transportation. Despite the rearrangement of doing our best to play the shuffle game I found myself situated with a bag between my legs on the floor squished into the back along with two pleasant British mountain biking dudes. As usual with groups we were running late… according to the others we would soon make up the time with the current dude situated in the drivers seat.

I soon learned that to be more than true as we turned off the main free way heading into the hills we were hitting the straight always at nothing short of 90 mph in the pitch black on skinny European roads. If your in the US some of these roads could almost be considered one ways. Somehow despite the overloaded car we managed to make air on multiple occasions. And the corners were nothing short of criterium racing pro1/2 style.

I was clenching the corners of the car with a rather rigid grip as we zipped



…than right.

Every time we would hang a hard left I could most definitely feel the left tire undulating under the weight. I could only pray it wasn’t my time to leave this planet so soon…

And the long blonde haired pony tail guy named Hamish seemed to have a confidence of driving that was very comforting.

Almost three hours into the trip with only one to go and the shared cookies earlier had somehow managed to switch places with my dinner which should have been almost completely digested… Jeesh another typical day with a group of bike loving fools…all we know how to do is hammer hammer hammer…

At this point I couldn’t even bring myself to think about the cliffs situated on every other corner as we wound our way deeper and deeper into the thick of Scotland.

Yes we arrived alive! I plan to come back eventually…maybe not in the same car though  😉

oooo yum
Take a pic while i act cool
another one
another one
Oooo me to
Aww Sweet Beauty
Out of shape mtb
Get the landscape more so than me
Tippy Top timer selfie
Regroup lets take ten minutes to decide where to next
Alright im out of here
Day 2
Deep and Dark
Mud trouble
Its kind of cold but that view…
Just a pole
Scotland Coffee on point
Look at me i have a cool shirt
More decor
Goodbye sweet Scotland

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